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>>Project/Request Title:
Q4 Retail Activation Program- Campaign Lookbook

>>Project Overview:
The channel marketing team is looking to engage TEF and AMX in a Q4 in-store campaign to drive device sales. The intent is to leverage content created during the Vans Tripple Crown of Surfing event as well as event trademarks.

See a more detailed project brief including list of deliverables and timeline.


>> Creative Help Needed:
Copy:    Yes 
Design:  Yes 
Video:   No 
Other:  No

>>Creative Specs:
A campaign lookbook

>>CTA and Design:

>>Creative Due Date:

>>Launch Date:

>>Mozilla Goal:
Firefox OS

>>Points of Contact:
namir@mozilla.com, jbernard@mozilla.com

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commenting not enabled in google doc, including here for Project Brief Template
- Brazil and Latam appeal is due to the surfers from LATAM countries who are vying for the World Championship that usually is announced at the end of the Triple Crown, based on points accumulated.  Current #1 and #6 men's surfers are from Brazil

There are no LATAM top ranked surfers on the Women's tour, but would also include a female surfer in these explorations

Firefox message (Live What You Love) should not be in the exploration (it is not in the brief, but want to be clear).

Brief should include link to VTCS assets from 2013.  Lizz should be able to provide a link to any digital stills that we own as well.  

And proposal should include a screenshot and link to any Portuguese video assets (https://basecamp.com/1897137/projects/4083604

Deck will need strategic upfront that reflects overlap in Audience demographics  -  especially with TEF advertising (What does the Fox say).  Wrap Up deck should have numbers for LATAM audiences

Deck also needs a proposed calendar that outlines pre-flight program (sell in process); load-in for retail presence; and awareness through external media that supports Q4 retail efforts in market (online media)

My sense is that we need ask the operators what it would take to support this in stores (meaning how much money do we need to kick in)

John B - you are building the deck that will then include assets from the creative team?

Let's get one revision to the brief with the necessary links and framework for the conversation with Operators before we start with creative development

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4 years ago
Niran, thanks for filing. Just to double confirm, is this the sales presentation that Mary Ellen mentioned was coming after the recent kickoff meeting? (Not familiar with the 'lookbook' term, so wanted to make sure.)

My plan was to engage Erik Evans, who did most of our preso work for MWC (and a few other things), for this. Sounds like my team would need to create a few graphics for him to work with though. That combo would be my preference to John B building the deck (no offense, sir).

Also, Niran, in the Google doc you mentioned copy as coming from the brand team, but given that this is a sales deck it seems like the folks most closely familiar with the value prop (you and John) should put together the outline and rough content for the slides and then we will make it look nice. I don't think having my team start out doing the copy will get us to the best outcome.

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Hi Niran and John. When will you have the additional info (reference photos, sample content, etc) that we discussed on Thursday? We'll need that soon in order to be able to create those graphics this week.

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4 years ago
A number of items have been added already.

We will receive what we have from Marcia this week on instore examples or links. The plan is to get everything to you for Friday given you mentioned nothing would happen this week due to the offsite.

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4 years ago
Thanks John. We might have had a miscommunication about the timing, though. Ty is going to do the Photoshop work on this, and he's not able to attend the offsite so it's actually a perfect time for him to work on it. Next week might be too late.

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4 years ago
That's good to know. In fact, better we're doing this week, given ideally Marcia would set up meetings and pitch next week. We're only missing the three instore examples so we'll have this all as links or pics by tomorrow COP.

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4 years ago
Niran and John B, have you received any of the in-store examples that I can use for mockup purposes yet?

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4 years ago
Also something else that came to mind - Since this is a sell deck/look-book, does it need to be printable? Is there a need to option this as an interactive/tablet experience?

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4 years ago
Hi Ty,
Yes, having it printable would be great. I don't think there is a need to have this as an interactive experience.
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Summary: Q4 Retail Activation Program- Campaign Lookbook → Q4 Retail Activation Program- Campaign Selling Deck

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Reassigning this over to Lee.
Assignee: tyronflanagan → ltom


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Summary: Q4 Retail Activation Program- Campaign Selling Deck → Q4 Retail Activation Program- sell-in deck

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Link to assets for Vivo, Telcel and Movistar (all outlined in brief):


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