Tooltool download servers cleanup - enable a public tooltool server, and use tmp-sm-stuff for SeaMonkey users only (as it was intended to be)



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4 years ago
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4 years ago
The tooltool sync script currently uses the following matching for uploads:

"target_folders": {"pvt": "/mnt/netapp/relengweb/tooltool/pvt/build/sha512",
                   "pub": "/mnt/netapp/relengweb/tooltool/pub/temp-sm-stuff/sha512"}

This is not correct because the tmp-sm-stuff folder is not to be used as general purpose tooltool public folder.

The correct matching should be something like:

"target_folders": {"pvt": "/mnt/netapp/relengweb/tooltool/pvt/build/sha512",
                   "temp-sm-stuff": "/mnt/netapp/relengweb/tooltool/pub/temp-sm-stuff/sha512",
                   "pub": "/mnt/netapp/relengweb/tooltool/pub/build/sha512"}

When the temporary server for Sea Monkey will no longer be needed, the corresponding entry should be deleted.

A public repo for tooltool has already been setup ( , see ), but I would personally prefer to have for naming consistency with the private server.

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4 years ago
Dustin: any comments/additions on this plan?
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We had originally envisioned two levels of hierarchy: pub/pvt, then repo name.  The idea is that we can assign different security levels to different repos, and that we can delete entire repos when they are no longer necessary.  Your upload tool, with its manifests, addresses this need to an extent -- even in a shared repo, we could iterate through the manifests and delete all clang builds when they are no longer required.

We currently have:


with, I think, the idea that release builds read only from pvt/build, uploads to which are limited; while try builds can read from pub/try, uploads to which are much more open.

At the very least, the two-level model is useful to allow seamonkey to have its own repo with its own upload permissions, so we should probably keep it.  But for moco we could plan to just use one public and one private repo, in which case naming them 'tooltool' is sensible.  Then we'd have pvt/tooltool and pub/tooltool.

(note that the old http://runtime-binaries.pvt.b.m.o/tooltool path points to pvt/build)

At any rate, this change will require some modifications to the httpd configuration, so once you've got the plan ironed out, let's talk about how to make the changes with minimal or no downtime.


4 years ago
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a year ago
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I think this bug outlived its usefulness.
Closing this, feel free to reopen if I'm wrong.
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