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Modifier for multiple job selection using mouse is different from TBPL


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The Treeherder modifier for selecting multiple jobs (adding multiple jobs to the pin board) is "shift" rather than TBPL's "ctrl". 

Also, most OSes/other apps use ctrl to mean "add single item to current list" and shift to mean "add range to list" - so I think ctrl makes more sense here, even if we weren't worried about preserving TBPL functionality.
Summary: Keyboard modifier for multiple job selection is different from TBPL → Modifier for multiple job selection using mouse is different from TBPL
I'll have a look at this, and see what I can do.
Assignee: nobody → tojonmz
Everything seems to be behaving as expected. I've opened a PR for review
The PR has been landed on master and I've tested it on dev and everything appears to be correct. I will retest after it is pushed to production and will mark it Fixed.
It turns out we need to provide Mac support also - with Cmd+click since that was supported in TBPL on OSX. Ctrl+click on Mac just fires a context menu and the log which is not what we want. Since I'm windows only here, Cameron has addressed that with the commit below.

It's been pushed to dev/stage, and will be pushed to prod next week.
Camd has pushed to prod, and it appears to be working fine. Marking resolved fixed.
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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