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build backend for heartbeat project prototype


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This bug covers building the backend for the heartbeat project prototype.

I talked with Gregg yesterday. Between that conversation and the planning meeting in June, I think we're going to do the following for a minimal viable prototype:

1. create a new Django app called "heartbeat"
2. create a "Heartbeat" model in that app
3. create a API endpoint to push data for collection
Adding whiteboard data. Taking this now to flesh out the details of the minimal viable prototype.
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Talked with Ricky about spam issues.

For the prototype, we'll add throttling by IP address and that's it.

Later (post-prototype), we might look into changing the API endpoint url to something like:


and polls have to be set up in Input before they can collect data.
This is a P1--need to do asap.
Priority: -- → P1
After talking with Ricky and Mike, I made some changes to the plan.

1. we're going to go with HTTP POST rather than HTTP GET because it's a lot safer and prevents some issues
2. the api endpoint will be /api/v1/hb/
3. polls will need to be registered with Input before Input will collect heartbeat data for that poll

Given all that, I just landed the first implementation including docs:

I'll push it to prod in a bit.
Tested it on stage and it works super. "test-poll" is the poll slug I created.

Pushed it to production. Marking this as FIXED.

If there are changes we need to make, we can put them in new bugs.
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