Investigate puppet or similar node automation for jenkins1 setup and maintenance



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Using puppet or similar software would be extremely beneficial for node setup and management.

For setting up, currently nodes are setup using an automated script with minimal intervention, which should be okay unless that intervention can fall to any kind of human error and cause a node to be dissimilar to others. If that's the case, we can fall victim to salient test failures.

Puppet or similar tech would be most useful for node management. When we need to modify each node's environment, say we need to install a new package on each node which will happen when mozpool comes into play, then currently, we'd need to update each node manually. With puppet, we can easily update each node, and puppet (or similar tech) will have an updated master image which will be deployed to any new node we may need to add.
See bug 1042950 for a real world use case.
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