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[Flatfish][Homescreen] Can't exit first-run experience


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I flashed a build of today's master branch. At the end of the first run experience, I get to the screen which instructs me to swipe up to enter the homescreen. When I do so there is no effect.

The page scrolls, including the new recede effect, but nothing happens when I swipe with one or two fingers from the bottom. There's no mention of app switching in the logcat output; it's like the gesture isn't recognized.
Component: Gaia::Homescreen → Gaia::First Time Experience
The issue still reproduces in today's master build.

DUT: Flatfish
Gaia: b5b28eb0fa1f84244ee03d07ad70ec94b45721e8
firmware revision: flatfish_20140704-0036
Platform version : 33.0a1
14:43 < mandeep_> don't know if this is relevant but I flashed a 2.1 build 
                  recently and had a broken homescreen also, fixed by building 
                  and flashing only gaia on top
On today's v2.0 branch, I get the following in logcat when I make the swipe-up gesture with one or two fingers.

E/GeckoConsole( 1271): [JavaScript Error: "TypeError: app is null" {file: "app://" line: 78}]

This doesn't happen with master, although the apparent behaviour is the same.
I build also a fresh build of gaia:

commit cfa144ea2400f99db77669c9954bb2cdeaac2526
(Sat Jul 5 14:06:27 2014 +0800)

I'm also not able to exit the first-run experience. any idea to kill it per adb?

i booted with logcat after flashing only gaia and the only relevant line seems to be that one:

E/GeckoConsole( 4151): Content JS ERROR at app:// in init/doInit/<: Preferences store: Cannot get access to the Store

maybe its related a bit to that bug 1021327 because flatfish had a problem with the default vertical homescreen?
Whiteboard: [TCP] → [Flatfish][TCP]
Setting severity as "blocker" as the OS is unusable with this bug.

The last viable build from the vendor without this bug is almost 3 weeks old and it has a serious issue (bug 1028374 ).

Who do we need to flag down or how can we get this bug fixed?
Severity: normal → blocker
Priority: -- → P1
For developers, we can use |NOFTU=1 DEVICE_DEBUG=1 GAIA_DEVICE_TYPE=tablet make reset-gaia|
to prevent getting stuck in FTU app.

And I found something strange in home_gesture.js: 

homeBar's visible state was not changed, and this might be the root cause for not able to 
swipe back to homescreen.
Maybe Iean has some insight and maybe knows when a fix is going to be available?
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We didn't look into this issue. We thought this was related to Gaia. Please advise. Thanks.
Sorry, typo. Gaia or Gecko.
Attached file Pull request
When user turns on tablet for the first time, FTU launcher will startup and tries to unlock the lockscreen, but home gesture still receives lockscreen-appopened event and hides home panel. This patch will check if FTU is running and then decide to hide home panel or not.
Assignee: nobody → shchen
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Pull request

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Attached file Pull request - 2
Found home gesture should listen to |lockscreen-appclose| instead, this patch enables us to have home gesture without changes existing code logic.
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Pull request - 2

r=me with the home_gesture_test.js updated
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Merged to master
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
I can confirm the issue is resolved with a build gaia from today's master.
Per Comment 16 ,clear "verifyme".
Keywords: verifyme
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