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Crash recovery in gaiatest is broken


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We're getting many crashes right now and our crash-handling code is not dealing with it.

I'm going to have a look and see if I can resolve it.
Depends on: 1034044
So this is failing because the exception that Marionette raises has changed from InvalidResponseException to IOError, thus gaiatest is catching the wrong thing

Changing that runs into the next problem which is that get_device_manager relies on a session, which is not guaranteed after a crash. This was raised in bug 1034044 but may need some MarionetteTestCase changes.

I'm not sure how to (nicely) resolve this without bug 1034044 just yet but I'll try.
Blocks: 1033229
Summary: Look at crash handling , does not seem to be working → Crash handling in gaiatest is broken
I don't think this blocks bug 962700. I see this as fixing the crash recovery in gaiatest (allowing subsequent tests to run after a crash has occurred), whereas bug 962700 is about proper detection and reporting of the crashes themselves.
No longer blocks: 962700
Summary: Crash handling in gaiatest is broken → Crash recovery in gaiatest is broken
We have been suffering crashes on device a lot veyr badly lately so I pushed through a variant of the fix we discussed.

I'll keep the bug open so we can follow up with Dave's more refined version and unit test.
Depends on: 1039966
I backed it out because it needs marionette client 0.8.11

Although it doesn't make the crash handling any worse!
Relanded now that client 0.8.1 is being used:
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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