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Split browser_inspector_menu.js into multiple tests


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The inspector test browser_inspector_menu.js should be split up.

From bug 988314 by Patrick Brosset:
"I think we should have a test that only checks for existence and activate of menu items, and at least another one that checks that the items actually do what they say they do."
This patch splits the two browser_inspector-menu tests into four parts:
1) browser_inspector-menu-01-sensitivity.js combines all menu item sensitivity tests from the two tests into a single file.
2) browser_inspector-menu-02-copy-items.js tests the different type of copy actions
3) browser_inspector-menu-03-paste-items.js tests the functionality of different paste actions. This file is created by renaming the old browser_inspector-menu-02.js and removing sensitivity tests.
4) browser_inspector-menu-04-other.js tests the remaining items that don't fit into any specific category like copy or paste items. It has been created by renaming the old browser_inspector-menu-01.js and removing sensitivity tests.

Also, following changes was made compared to the combined functionality of the two old tests:
- Added a test for copy-image item. I think it's tested by markupview tests but it doesn't test the menuitem - it only tests the method that should do the heavy lifting.
- Added the 'Show DOM properties' item to the sensitivity tests
- Made the tests use the same document which is the old doc_inspector-menu-02.html + image for the copy image data test
- Fixed the 'TypeError: jsterm.focusInput is not a function' rejection to remove the whitelist from the test.
- Changed the root item delete item test to use "html" instead of inspector.walker.rootNode as the rootNode is not actually visible in the inspector and it was only spewing errors to the test log for missing editor.

Other than that, the new tests shouldn't differ from the old tests.

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Thanks for this test refactoring Sami. No comments about this change. Looks good.
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I landed this on Aurora as well to ease any potential future backport pain during the esr38 lifecycle.
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