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[tracking] Use shared MockL10n in all Gaia apps


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In bug 1004973 we landed shared/test/unit/mocks/mock_l10n.js and moved one app (SMS) to it as an example.

In this bug, let's track the effort of replacing the real l10n.js library and local mocks with the shared mock.  In other words:

require('/shared/js/l10n.js');       → require('/shared/test/unit/mocks/mock_l10n.js');
require('/test/unit/mock_l10n.js');  → require('/shared/test/unit/mocks/mock_l10n.js');
Depends on: 1043643
(In reply to Staś Małolepszy :stas from comment #0)

> require('/test/unit/mock_l10n.js');  → require('/shared/test/unit/mocks/mock_l10n.js');

Most of this work is happening in bug 1043643.
Depends on: 1004973
Depends on: 1078183
Depends on: 1078187
Depends on: 1078212
Depends on: 1078214
Mentor: gandalf
Whiteboard: [good first bug]
Hi, can I work on this? This will be my first bug, so I will need some help :)
(In reply to theultimateaim from comment #2)
> Hi, can I work on this? This will be my first bug, so I will need some help
> :)

Hi, thanks for offering to help!  This is tracking bug so I'd recommend taking a look at one of the dependencies:  bug 1078183 or bug 1078214.  Check out bug 1078212 for pointers on how to implement this change and let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks and happy hacking! :)
Firefox OS is not being worked on
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