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3 years ago
Lainie and I would like to finally get to DONE on the soft launch plan noted in this bug:

I have four critical questions/concerns/requests that need to be resolved first! Can you or someone else please help us with the items below? Please let me know if not so I can adjust our timeline for this launch.

1. Can you please confirm that:
    * IF an email address for a badge earner through bulk issue is NOT already associated with a Webmaker profile...
    * THEN a Webmaker account and profile is NOT automatically created for them...
    * BUT a badge is STILL issued to that email address AND they will see if on their profile IF/WHEN then create an account.

2. Can you update the "congratulations" email to badge earners to the following copy:

3. Can you *please* review the email copy in this etherpad from lines 100 to 150 and make sure the instructions are accurate and make sense?

4. Can you *please* review the UI/UX Form I put together:

Once Lainie sends out the email copy in that etherpad, we'd like to immediately issue badges to all Hive staff listed in this bug:

I'll send a confirmation about Item #4 when we are ready.

Hope that isn't too much and makes sense.

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3 years ago
* whoops, I meant to say I'll send a confirmation about issuing badges to Hive Staff when we are ready!!!
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