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Remove dangerous public destructor of DOMRect


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In Bug 1035394 we removed dangerous public destructors of XPCOM-refcounted classes outside of a finite whitelist, see HasDangerousPublicDestructor. Now we are going over the entries in this whitelist.

One of them is: DOMRect
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Does this compile?  These classes were all marked this way because they needed additional changes beyond just making the dtor private.

I went through and looked at all of the uses of DOMRect, looking for places that were either raw pointers or just direct declarations and I found this:

It looks like the field of mClientArea ScrollAreaEvent needs to be turned into an nsRefPtr<DOMRect>, though you may want to get feedback from :smaug about whether that is the right thing to do here.
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@Andrew: Yes it compiles.
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Yes, Andrew is right. We really need to fix ScrollAreaEvent.
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Anuj, did you do a full rebuild with the patch, or only content/* ?
Since I would imagine a full rebuild would have captured ScrollAreaEvent case.
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@smaug, I did only content/* because my system can't handle full rebuild. Waiting for try access.
Yeah, that's going to be a little trouble for these bugs, unless you going digging through manually.  Anyways, for the purpose of fixing this particular thing, you should just be able to also do a build of dom/events and it should show an error.
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@Andrew: Thanks!
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Looks good to me.
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Try run looks good.
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