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Switch to upstream graphite multi-instance configs and init scripts

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3 years ago
2 years ago


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3 years ago
Graphite used to not have built-in support for more than one instance but it appears to be much more capable now.  See if we can revert to a single config file and use the built-in init scripts and get rid of our customizations.


3 years ago
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3 years ago
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Combined carbon.conf

Attached a combined carbon.conf.

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3 years ago
Although for Ubuntu, these init scripts might be useful.  I like the number vs letter approach to naming cache and relay instances.  https://github.com/obfuscurity/graphite-scripts/tree/master/init.d

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2 years ago

I took a look at the existing init script and it seemed ok. Isn't obfuscurity script a customization? I don't understand..

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2 years ago
Yeah I think we can ignore obfuscurity's stuff but I do prefer his numeric instance naming to our current alphabetical naming.  The built-in carbon init script: https://github.com/graphite-project/carbon/blob/master/distro/redhat/init.d/carbon-cache should work fine with a single carbon.conf file.  It starts/stops all instances at once and doesn't allow for manipulating a single instance, but that's usually what we want to do so that's fine.
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