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Remove --enable-content-sandbox-reporter by making it always true


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I don't feel that we really gain anything by making sandbox failure reporting disableable, and given that we're going to need to use a SIGSYS handler to non-fatally handle certain disallowed system calls (filesystem access; maybe more) in the immediate future, the complexity that would be added by continuing to support it is hard to justify.

Also, as named it's specific to content process sandboxing even though the sandbox failure handling will also apply to media plugin processes (and could include other types in the future), and it's silently ignored on non-Linux platforms.

--enable-content-sandbox-reporter is set in B2G's gonk-misc/default-gecko-config, but it's also enabled by default on B2G (bug 979590).  So this needs two steps (but at least it's not three): remove it from gonk-misc, then unifdef gecko.
Testing: ran a build locally (with gecko clobber); confirmed that MOZ_CONTENT_SANDBOX_REPORTER is still enabled.
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Step 1: gonk-misc.  Link to Github pull-request:

Initially the goal was to have as little code in the sandbox as possible to ensure the implementation is safe - ie things that werent needed at runtime would be disabled (also the reason for not having the compiler initially).

That said, its more convenient to have it on. The trade off is ok either way IMO. Thus r+.
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Step 2: gecko. Remove/unifdef MOZ_CONTENT_SANDBOX_REPORTER.

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I love removing build options!
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