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UI use case for Copy Paste non-editable fields


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This bug is to discuss the UI use case for copy paste non-editable fields. There are many types of app, like email, contact, games, web browsing...etc. Should discuss and come up some use cases for engineering to move forward the copy paste non-editable.
From the initial discussion, UX is tend let each app to define the areas can/can't be selected, default everything not selectable. CSS moz-user-select might achieve this, however, bounding issues exist, bug 739396, bug 1036853. Use cases needed to determine if bounding issues do block non-editable work.

Simply speaking, what UX expect the copy paste looks like? what type of app need copy paste and what are the use cases/behavior?

Assign to Omega for more investigation, but feel free to have comment here, thanks.
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Upload for Omega, Text Selection for Non-editables and Clipboard Access, DRAFT v2
Hi Omega, the implementation of bug 739396 will solve the display and dragging issue between moz-user-select:none and moz-user-select:text/element elements. I'd like to know if this is enough in UX perspective?

Consider the following use case: In an email app, the address field and subject field are next to each other and all defined selectable. When the selection starts from address field, does UX expects user can drag and select to subject field? Or, UX expects the selection is bounded within address field?
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Hi Howie, I want to clarify that the examples (Email & Messages) in the attached draft UX spec are not the real design for those apps. They are just examples for non-editables text selection and clipboard access.
I'm not UX owner of Email so I don't know the exact design of your question, but in my opinion, address fields are not selectable, and user can long press (or maybe tap) an email address to show a context menu with Copy action there.
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Update the draft UX spec.
Adding the mixed use case.
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Update the draft UX spec.
Adding scope details.
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