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Plugin Whitelist Request: kPoint Plugin


(Firefox Graveyard :: Plugin Click-To-Activate Whitelist, defect)

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<<Please supply the following information for new plugin whitelist requests>>

Plugin name: kPoint Plugin
Vendor: kPoint Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Point of contact:

Brief Description:
kPoint plugin is used for desktop sharing/screen capturing and uses system level apis to take screenshots of the desktop window and compresses that data using codecs.

Current version: 
== Windows versions ==
== Mac versions ==
== Linux 32 and 64 bit versions ==

Download URL:
(Download the file under 'Screen Sharing plugin' section).

Sample URL of plugin in use:

Plugin details:

<<For each affected operating system, please copy the plugin information from about:plugins in Firefox>>

about:plugins output
== Windows ==
kPoint Plugin
File: npkPointPlugin.dll
State: Enabled
kPoint Plugin
MIME Type   Description	Suffixes
application/x-npkpoint    kPoint Plugin

== Mac ==
kPoint Plugin
File: kPointPlugin.plugin
Path: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/kPointPlugin.plugin
Version: kPointPlugin
State: Enabled
kPoint Plugin
MIME Type   Description	Suffixes
application/x-npkpoint	kPoint Plugin
(We have only one plugin which works for both 64 and 32 bit Mac).

== Linux 32 and 64 bit ==
kPoint Plugin
Name: kPoint Plugin
Path: /home/demo/.mozilla/plugins/
State: Enabled	
MIME type   Description	 File extensions
application/x-npkpoint	kPoint Plugin
(Though installers for 64 and 32 bit linux are different, the above description is the same).

Are there any variations in the plugin file name, MIME types, description, or version from one release to the next?
- The version numbers changes depending on the release.

Are there any known security issues in current or older versions of the plugin?
- No. kPoint Plugin is built using firebreath , which to date has never had a known security vulnerability.

Plan to move away from NPAPI
We are yet to finalize on an approach but we are researching js-ctypes to communicate between the application and the browser.
Group: core-security
In Firefox 33 we are building screen-sharing into the browser natively with WebRTC. In the meantime, we believe than an opt-in experience for users to activate this kind of native plugin is the right UI, and so we are not accepting this request.
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Product: Firefox → Firefox Graveyard
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