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B2G mochitests should fail early if gaia is built with PRODUCTION=1


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Not sure whether to file this in testing or gaia ...

The test harness uses the test-container app to run in.  But that app is only included with engineering builds, not production builds.  So if you try to run tests on a production build it fails to load the app and just sits there forever.

I suspect the fix is to build the app regardless and have the testrunner install it on the phone.

This cost me 4 hours yesterday :(
At the very least, a clear error message would be useful here.
The app is certified, so I don't think it's possible for the harness to install it? It may be possible to commandeer one of the default certified apps.. Not sure if it's possible to change permissions on those or not though. But yes, an error message would definitely be a good idea. I'll try to find some time for it this week.
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If it's important to be able to run them with PRODUCTION=1 then feel free to change the title back. Though in that case, I'm not sure when that would get done (or even if it is possible).
Summary: Can't run mochitests if gaia is built with PRODUCTION=1 → B2G mochitests should fail early if gaia is built with PRODUCTION=1
I decided to fix this properly which means providing the ability to query the build config (instead of hardcoding paths).
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Here's the corresponding changes to mochitest's
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Give mach commands ability to query B2G build config

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