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Initial Questions:

Project/Feature Name: Content for Firefox OS campaign website V1
Tracking  ID:
We are looking to contract Bunny and Boar to deliver 2 services to support the FxOS anniversary campaign:

1. FxOS Momentum Campaign: Creative Consulting
Amelia Anderson will be coming on to the FxOS Momentum Campaign as Creative Consultant. She will be working directly with Dia Bondi to collect information from industry experts on each of thetwelve demographics the Campaign seeks to reach. She will work with Dia to distill this information
into clear story points for each demographic, which will then to be delivered to a copy editor for polishing. Additionally, Amelia will lend creative direction to the photos, videos, and other visual assets
which will appear next to the story on each of the Campaign’s web pages.
Estimated time: 10 days of consulting from Amelia Anderson, starting the July 14th.

2. FxOS Momentum Campaign: Creative Consulting
Bunny & Boar will be re-editing 4 videos from Mobile World Congress to be used as visual assets on
the Campaign’s web pages. Two rounds of notes and new main and end titles will be included in this
Estimated time for this phase: Four days of editing.

Additional Information:

Key Initiative: Firefox OS
Release Date: 2014-08-11
Project Status: launched
Mozilla Data: No
Mozilla Related: 
Separate Party: Yes
Type of Relationship: Vendor/Services
Data Access: No
Privacy Policy: 
Vendor Cost: <= $25,000
Depends on: 1040568
Depends on: 1040569

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Bug 1040568 - Legal Review: Content for Firefox OS campaign website V1
Bug 1040569 - Finance Review: Content for Firefox OS campaign website V1
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