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nsIntRegion needs more useful APIs


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ns[Int]Region is has very confusing APIs. This makes code hard to write and also hard to read it later. I'd like to add some simpler helpers that wrap the confusing APIs. This probably won't do much for writing code, but if you manage to find and use the simpler wrapper APIs, the code you write will be easier to read.
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Can you give some before and after examples?
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Having these functions return *this is redundant because the operation modifies the object the function is called on. For example the two lines at [1] do a redundant assignment. If this sort of code is mixed with code like [2] the reader ends up second-guessing themselves as to why some code does the assignment and other bits do not. Also note how at [2] whoever wrote the code decided to put in clarifying comments explaining what is happening - this shouldn't be necessary with self-documenting code.

As for providing single-argument versions of the functions, run this in your mozilla-central dir:

find . -name "*.cpp" | xargs grep "\.Or("

and see how many of the call sites do something of the from foo.Or(foo, bar). That's the overwhelming majority. This is a very common use-case and is simpler to read if you have fewer arguments: foo.Or(bar). Although maybe foo.OrWith(bar) might be more self-documenting, I'd be fine with that. The other problem I have with code of the form foo.Or(foo, bar) is that it makes it look like Or is a static function. There should really be no reason to pass foo to itself if the function is not static.

If you want me to go through the call sites and change them to use the new functions I added I can do that as well.

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I think this change is an improvement, but I still find it counterintuitive that 'a.Or(b)' modifies 'a'.

If you mentally replace 'Or' with the operator '|', that's like having 'a | b' modify 'a'.

I think 'OrEquals' or 'OrWith' would be a better name for this function, while 'Or' would make sense for a function which returns the or'ed result without modifying either operand.
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Part 1 - Add some things to nsIntRegion

Review of attachment 8458987 [details] [diff] [review]:

This seems reasonable to me. AndWith() etc. might be better but looks sort of ugly and I don't have a strong feeling either way.
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I'll change it to AndWith() etc. since I think that will improve the readability a little bit more.
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Part 1 - Add some things to nsIntRegion

Review of attachment 8458987 [details] [diff] [review]:

Some more thoughts on this patch:
The api's should also probably be added nsRegion.
Contains(int x, int y) needs documentation. It should also probably call pixman_region_contains_point instead of constructing a rectangle.
Ok, will do. Let me know if you think of anything else.
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Added contains to nsRegion, make it use the pixman function, document it, and add some tests.
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