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Enable e10s debug mochitests-plain


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We're pretty close to getting debug mochitests green on Linux, so I'd like to start running these tests. Once we get them fully green we can unhide them. I think this patch should do it?
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The patch seems to do it, however, the way that I would suggest going first is to enable only on one tree. The reason is that hiding and unhiding a job across *all* of the tbpl pages is a big pain.

I would start by doing something like this:
BRANCHES['cedar']['platforms']['linux']['ubuntu32_vm']['debug_unittest_suites'] += MOCHITEST_E10S[:]

Once green, we could then enable across all trees.

Makes sense?
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It looks like cedar is busted right now. Also, we already have holly running e10s tests. We have a holly push from Monday where the Linux debug tests are all green [1]. I also have a try push from last week where everything except M-1 is green with 5 or 6 re-triggers [2]. I did another merge today and we can see if the tests are still green [3]. If they are, can we just enable everywhere?

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I don't see debug e10s running on Holly:

Why are the rest of the unit test that orange?

Could you also please follow up with someone from releng? I changed teams.
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All the normal jobs on Holly are running with e10s enabled. That's why there's so much orange. So if you look at the normal Linux debug jobs on holly, they're running in e10s (and they're green):
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I think this works.

Please keep an eye on it once this rolls out; if these don't go green relatively soon after landing, we probably want to back out to avoid burning excess test pool time.
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Looks like this got deployed and is working!
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