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Implement "ask me" option for received invites


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It would be nice to have the option to get a dialog (Accept/Decline, maybe, or even the classical OK/Cancel) when someone invites me to a channel, rather than always being dragged into a /join. Such an option, by making it possible not to join the channel at all, would, I think, discourage trolls who sometimes repeatedly /invite me to newly created channels with disparaging names (a recent case was a #tonymec_loves_cock channel on freenode). Disconnection is of course always possible but not always desirable. Konversation (the KDE IRC client) can already do it, at least in Konversation 1.5 from KDE 4.12.3.
While I acknowledge that this feature request - of having a dialog instead of a text-only line - is valid,
1) Currently you can turn off auto-join on invite. It shows a "someone invited you to #foo [Join]" line.
2) Such dialog would pop up and get in the way, while a current implementation lets you finish typing another line before dealing with the invite.
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