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Failures in all mozmill tests that uses localhost address


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(firefox31 unaffected, firefox32 unaffected, firefox33 fixed, firefox34 fixed, firefox-esr24 unaffected, firefox-esr31 unaffected)

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Starting with 19 July our remote/functional testruns started to fail due to some regressions regarding URL typing.

Tests that fail:
> /testSearch/testSearchSuggestions.js
> /testSearch/testSearchViaFocus.js
> /testSearch/testSearchViaShortcut.js
> /testSecurity/testEnablePrivilege.js
> /testGeolocation/testAlwaysShareLocation.js
> /testGeolocation/testNeverShareLocation.js
> /testSecurity/testGreenLarry.js
> /testSecurity/testSafeBrowsingNotificationBar.js
> /testSecurity/testSecurityInfoViaMoreInformation.js	
> /testSecurity/testSecurityNotification.js


Looks like all tests that fail uses "localhost" which is automatically changed into "www.localhost" which is not working. 

Will do regression range now to find exactly what changed.
Tinderbox pushlog:

Nothing pops out to me. I'll continue with inbound pushlog.
Here is the pushlog:

Bug 354493 seems to cause this. I'll continue the investigation.
Summary: Test failures across remote/functional modules because of URL changes → Failures in all mozmill tests that uses localhost address
Attached file testcase.js
Here is a simple testcase.
The page is not correctly loaded because www. is automatically added to 'localhost:43336/...'

Steve, any idea how your patch could affect here ?
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We can skip all the tests (may be more then this) or do a workaround by setting browser.fixup.alternate.enabled to false in all tests that uses localhost.
It actually replaces : "localhost:43336/..." with "".

I can manually reproduce this ! : 

1. Installed LAMP on ubuntu
2. Changed the port of apache to 8181
3. Typed localhost:8181 in the urlbar
4. URL replaced with
5. Page fails to load.
Note about above steps: Accessing localhost:8181 while we already are in 'about:newtab', 'about:blank' or any other local page works and the link doesn't get alterneted. We get this only if we are already on a remote page and we are trying to change the address to localhost.
I really don't think that that's the default behavior we want in firefox (e.g. we may want to access 'localhost:port' while we are on a home page that most likely can be remote), but if that's what we want, I see 2 solutions here for us (workaround if that's not the default behavior or fix if that is really what we want):

1. Initially set network.zonepolicy.enabled to false for out tests.
2. Ensure we are accessing localhost while we are already on local page.

Dave, any suggestion about this and should we go with one of the above steps ?
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We need to skip these tests until it's getting fixed.
If you can replicate this manually then it sounds like a bug in Firefox. Please raise this bug and mark it as blocking. For now, we can skip these tests.
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Comment on attachment 8459541 [details] [diff] [review]

Review of attachment 8459541 [details] [diff] [review]:

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Depends on: 1041511
Filed bug 1041511 for this. Needinfo moved there.
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The dependency bug that caused this (bug 354493) was backed out from nightly and will be backed out from aurora too so we will be able to unskip this tests safely.
Did a full testrun, everything works great.

Backed out skip from Nightly: (default)
We can backout the skip from aurora now:
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Backed out skip from aurora as well: (mozilla-aurora)
Closed: 10 years ago
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