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4 years ago
Could we publicly display the # of times a badge has been issued, perhaps on its respective wm.org badge page?

This would be valuable info for mentors and staff to see how many people got that badge in addition to the applicant details, which is visible in the badge admin. 

Not urgent.
* love this idea.
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* Erik: possible?
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Definitely possible, yes.  Depending on urgency, there will be a really easy way to do it, and a slightly harder but good in the long run way (namely, there's currently no way to ask badgekit API for a "count" of badge instances... you just have to ask for all the instances and then count them yourself.  Which is a pretty big waste.)
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* we should prioritize this one because partners really care about it. They want to see how many times their badge has been issued, etc.
* The [oct3] train has now left the station. So please update the whiteboard with [oct17], or whatever train you're now planning to put this on. Thanks!
* Michelle: if the main reason for doing this is that partners want it, I'm not sure this will work
* In the partner badge discussions we've been having, there is no badge detail page where they'd see this count. Where's the view where a partner would see it?
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3 years ago
Main use cases are actually staff and users, not partners. 

For staff: great to have counts of how many badges issued. 
For users: great to see how many other people earned that badge. Shows legitimacy and appeal. 

Again, not urgent or super important. But counts somewhere easily accessible = helpful. Currently we have to ask Adam to share a Gdoc. :-)
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* I'm assuming this ticket is now in the icebox. Meaning: no one is actively working in it further, until further notice

* please update if that's wrong
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