Theremin Tells Users to Use Chrome for Better Experience




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There is a noticeable stutter when playing with this in Nightly compared to Chrome or Safari--it's pretty bad. :/

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4 years ago
It would be nice if we can sort out whats causing that and get a bug in for it. Dave Camp has suggested we use this for a demo but after we noticed the text suggesting Chrome we decided against it. Either way lets get this figured out.
"currently has some bugs in Firefox" indicates they're aware of something specific..
sent them a tweet

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4 years ago
Hi guys, sorry for the very late response (not too good on twitter).

I'm not sure it's a bug as such but it seems to me that Firefox changes oscillator frequency immediately instead of automatically ramping to it like Chrome and Safari. 

I've started a new branch and simplified the app to demonstrate how frequency-changes sound different in Firefox compared with the other browsers. Feel free to have a look at the code:

Or just listen here:
This doesn't sound like a tech evang bug anymore..
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Paul -- is what we're doing here correct per the spec?  Is Chrome?  If we both are, should we change our implementation or leave it as-is?  Is this important?  Thanks!
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Chrome and Safari are now wrong per spec. It used to be unclear what to do, but we've spec-ced that smooth transition must not be performed automatically.

Authors that want to do smooth transition can do so using automation methods on AudioParam (namely, setTargetAtTime).
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