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Provide search suggestions from our history db on error pages


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Bug 1042201 is about providing search suggestions from search providers on error pages, but we can also query our own history for pages that have similar urls to the one that was typed. i.e. we could fix to for the user. AND we get to do that without leaking any private data. Huzzah!
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Attached patch PatchSplinter Review
Revamped for the new world. This is the patch from bug 1042201 with the search provider stuff removed because of reasons listed there.
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Forgot the strings changes in the other patch.
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I'll get to these soon. Looking at some other Fx33 stuff right now.
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>diff --git a/mobile/android/modules/NetErrorHelper.jsm b/mobile/android/modules/NetErrorHelper.jsm

>+handlers.suggestions = {

>+  onPageShown: function(browser) {

>+    this._getFromBrowserDB(node, doc.location.href);

nit: _get is a bit off here since we are returning nothing. How about _updateFromDB or just _update ?

>+  _getFromBrowserDB: function(node, url) {

>+    var self = this;


you could pass in | this | and impl the methods in your helper, if you want to avoid the | self |

>+    let dbFile = FileUtils.getFile("ProfD", ["browser.db"]);
>+    return;

How safe is this? Java DB accessed from JS. Might be OK since it's read-only, but the SQLite versions could be different.

>diff --git a/mobile/android/themes/core/netError.css b/mobile/android/themes/core/netError.css

Add a screenshot here and let's get UX to help with making it look pretty.
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>diff --git a/mobile/android/chrome/content/netError.xhtml b/mobile/android/chrome/content/netError.xhtml

>       <div id="errorDescriptionsContainer">
>         <div id="ed_generic">&generic.longDesc;</div>
>-        <div id="ed_dnsNotFound">&dnsNotFound.longDesc3;</div>
>+        <div id="ed_dnsNotFound">&dnsNotFound.longDesc4;</div>
>         <div id="ed_fileNotFound">&fileNotFound.longDesc;</div>
>-        <div id="ed_malformedURI">&malformedURI.longDesc;</div>
>+        <div id="ed_malformedURI">&malformedURI.longDesc2;</div>

>diff --git a/mobile/locales/en-US/overrides/netError.dtd b/mobile/locales/en-US/overrides/netError.dtd

>-<!ENTITY dnsNotFound.longDesc3 "
>+<!ENTITY dnsNotFound.longDesc4 "

Make sure you cover all the possible issues, like you did with the wifi patch

>   <li>Check the address for typing errors such as
>     <strong>ww</strong> instead of
>     <strong>www</strong>
>+    <ul id='suggestions'></ul></li>

I feel like we need a "Did you mean?" type of header. A screenshot will help direct the design.
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