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Make it easier to tell which job result types (success/fail/retry etc) are filtered in the current view


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Broken out from bz's comment on dev.platform:

> 5)  It might be nice if the numbers that represent the different types 
> of jobs indicated whether that type of job is toggled on or off for the 
> push.

On the header row for each push, we have the job results counts that show the number of success/failure/retry/coalesced etc. However when those types are toggled on/off (whether globally or per push), it's not clear what the current state is in the UI.

Now the job result counts are already trying to display whether there are unclassified failures or not (by the border colour being set), so we'd have to come up with some other means to indicate filtered/not filtered.

We could set the text colour to grey (though that clashes with the pending colour), add a cross through the button or else set a grey or checkerboard background?
One possible option is to just reverse-video on toggle.  So e.g. for the successful builds button have the button be white on green when enabled and green on white when disabled.
We should indicate this for global filters as well as "local" (per-resultset) level.  The counts should have an indicator like strikethrough or gray background, or hashed border or something like that.  Perhaps there's a UI precedence somewhere.  :)
The first click should also display only jobs of that type, not exclude them.

I think this could look like a more traditional filtering interface:
- Initially, no job type button is selected and all jobs are shown.
- When a job type button is pressed, it goes to a visually pressed state.
  Only jobs of that type are then shown.
- You can press more buttons to toggle more job types.
- All buttons pressed is the same as none pressed.
I agree with Cameron's concept of a simple strikethrough in each element, to display filtered=true. It's clean and logical.

Caveat I'm a newbie to Treeherder but I'm not sure a color change to the box would be ideal since some boxes are already grey, and in greying or other cell changes you might lose the mental color 'association' with the job type.
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The per push headers no longer display these counts, so this bug is either now invalid, or else could be morphed to be "make the _global_ filter state more obvious". The latter is going to be taken care of bug 1045606, so duping there.
No longer blocks: 1125264
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Summary: Make the job result counts (success/fail/retry etc) show whether they are filtered or not → Make it easier to tell which job result types (success/fail/retry etc) are filtered in the current view
(In reply to Ed Morley [:edmorley] from comment #7)
> The per push headers no longer display these counts

To be clearer: This is as of bug 1127479 / bug 1045593, which is on stage ( but not yet on prod, but will be deployed soon.
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