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onResponse is not a function at dbg-client.jsm:1670


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Firefox 34


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1. Open the debugger in
2. Open the events pane and choose to break on click events.
3. Click in the input box and then clear the break-on-click checkbox.
4. The Browser Console contains the error: onResponse is not a function at dbg-client.jsm:1670

Patch forthcoming.
Priority: -- → P2
Fortunately this bug doesn't break anything for me, because the error is thrown in a setTimeout call, so the event loop is empty. I've looked around in the debugger client and there are a number of other cases where we assume the caller will supply a callback that I also fixed.
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Rather than repeating `() => {}` everywhere, can we just define `const noop = () => {};` and use that?
Good idea, but used let instead of const, because there was a redeclaration error that I didn't want to figth with.
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Panos Astithas, could you please add another test page? The one from comment 0 seems to not be available. Thank you
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It seems to be moved here:
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