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bzpost should not update bugs when pushing to user repo or MQ


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Pushing my MQ repo to my mozilla user repo ended up in bzpost updating all relevant bugs :(
I noticed :)

Are you sure you don't want your peers to know that you are hard at work on a bug? :)

Seriously, this should at least be an option so it can be disabled.
I also don't want pushes to my mozilla user repo showing up. Could I request a white list feature? Or something like firefoxtrees that only updates bz when pushing to a known repo such as inbound, try, etc?
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How about something like this?


    updateuserrepo = True

to update on b.m.o on push to a user repository.
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Don't update b.m.o on push to user repo.

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I like the feature. But this doesn't get r+ without tests. Please read the README.rst in the repository for instructions on running the tests. Or:

  $ ./create-test-environment
  $ source venv/bin/activate
  $ ./ hgext/bzpost/test*

We've been landing code to hook Docker up to the test environment. You may want to run tests out of a VM. See testing/jenkins/ for a Vagrant environment providing the canonical testing environment. See the README.rst in that directory.
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I'm writing tests for the patch I uploaded. I'm running into a problem with BASE_WRITE_URI. For the test it needs to look like http://localhost:$HGPORT/ instead of ssh:// Is there a way to detect running in tests and have BASE_WRITE_URI return the correct value. (I thought of adding a config to hgrc, something like [mozautomation] base_write_uri = http://localhost:$HGPORT/)
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The localmozrepo foo starting at will do some internal monkeypatching.

If you extend test-post.t, it should "just work." I encourage you to go that approach.
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Updated patch with testing + fixed the monkey patching, which wasn't working correctly.
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The bzpost tests were refactored a bit this week to add Docker integration. I'm responsible for bit rotting your patch. I'll try to find time today to "fix" this patch and land it for you.
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I landed this with modifications to avoid bit rot.
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