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Implement the Navigation Timing 2 spec


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Steps to reproduce:

Main differences relative to the first version:

 - support for Performance Timeline (still missing in Firefox;
 - support for High Resolution Time;
 - timing information for link negotiation;
 - timing information for prerender;
 - Performance interface inherit from EventTarget interface << we can use event handler but don't see any dedicated event.

And if you plans to implement  "Navigation Timing 2" what about the previous  "Navigation Timing" and their interfaces, will stay? In practice we can use both spec because differences are significant. Common feature probably will be only Performance : EventTarget.  

At now only IE support new spec, but spec is still as draft.  Any information relating to planned implementation by Mozilla team will be indicated.
Jared, should this be NEW rather than UNCONFIRMED? I'm asking you because you're on bug 765933. Thanks!
Would really love to have v2 or at least the transfer, encoded body and decoded body size.

In FF 45 we got Resource Timings V2 that gave us the size of resources. If we also got it in Navigation Timing, it's possible to calculate the total page weight (we are missing the base page right now). That would be the final piece of the puzzle to track total page size.
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It would be nice to have this in order to expose the `workerStart` attribute tracking the service worker startup time.
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Looks like at least some of navigation timing v2 is being implemented in bug 1263722.
Depends on: 1263722
This API is already implemented and enabled by default. The last remaining bits are going to be fixed by bug 1462606.
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State of MDN docs for Navigation Timing Level 2

First, some deprecations:

PerformanceTiming is now deprecated (but kept for backwards compatibility), so I've added a note at the top of these pages:
The compat table will be updated soon as well and also indicate the deprecation. See

Same for PerformanceNavigation:
Compat table update for this deprecation in

And also the same for Performance.timing and Performance.navigation
Compat tables are renewed in this PR

Second, the new stuff:

PerformanceEntry is extended, so these pages talk about that:
Compat tables are renewed in this PR

There is a new interface PerformanceNavigationTiming. Pages got created here a while ago:
Compat tables are already renewed.

The guides and tutorials still talk about Level 1 and need updating:
I've filed bug 1476558 for this work.

I would appreciate a comment if all this makes sense and covers the Level 2 spec changes.
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