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Moving more than 1 SubDirs into another Dir only move 1 of marked SubDirs. And all moves fail after that.


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Steps to reproduce:

Thunderbird v31.0 german (testet in lokal/installed AND portable Version from "PortableApps"):

I mark more than one emty SubDirs (vor example "a", "b" & "c") in my MainDir "X" and will move they into a new MainDir "Y" via Drap&Drop. But only the first Subdir "a" will moved. After this I can not move other SubDirs, wether between this two MainDirs (x & y), nor between other MainDirs

Actual results:

Only one SubDir ("a") will be moved into MainDir "Y". The other SubDirs ("b" & "c") stay in MainDir "X". I can mark other SubDirs in this or other MainDir, but Drag&Drop will never work, until I restart Thunderbird v31 (lokal AND Portable).
After restart, I can mark a single SubDir and can move it via Drag&Drop in each MainDir, whatever I will. But if I mark MORE than one SubDir to move them into another MainDir, the same error/mistake will happen.

Expected results:

I had expected, that all marked SubDirs from MainDir "X" will be moved via Drag&Drop into new MainDir "Y", but it doesn't work.
Severity: normal → major
Summary: Moving more than 1 SubDirs from a Dir into another Dir will only move 1 of marked SubDirs → Moving more than 1 SubDirs into another Dir only move 1 of marked SubDirs. And all moves fail after that.
Whiteboard: [dupeme?]
Does this also happen with Thunderbird in fafe mode?

And, can you skip back to version 24 [1] to tell us whether the problem goes away there, and then we know for certain if it is a regression?

Flags: needinfo?(da-kramer)
Whiteboard: [dupeme?] → [dupeme?][regression:TB??]
p.s. please also describe which folders are imap, pop and/or local.
See Also: → 1019036
> Bug summary : Moving more than 1 SubDirs into another Dir only move 1 of marked SubDirs. 

This is known issue(mismatch between UI and Backend) and is current Design/Implementation(can be called "current restriction")
- "Move folder by Drag&Drop" supports single folder only since initial of NetScape/Mozilla Mail&News/Thunderbird.
- After it, "multiple folder selection" is supported at folder pane.
  However, "Move folder by Drag&Drop" still supports single folder only(currently selected folder only).
  -  FolderTreeView supports multiple row selection(at Folder Pane, multiple folders can be selected).
     Both "currently selected folder" and "all selected folders" can be obtained via FolderTreeView call.
  - "DragStart event handler of Folder Pane" passes only one folder(type=text/x-moz-folder) via event.dataTransfer object.
  - "DragOver event handler of Folder Pane" assumes "single folder selection"(currently selected folder .
  -  And, "drop event handler of Folder Pane" and "Folder copy/move code"  supports single folder only.

Solution :
(a) Until "Move directory by Drag&Drop" will support "multiple folder copy/move",
     "dragover event handler of FolderTreeView" shows icon for "move/copy folder is not acceptable"
      if multiple folders are selected at folder pane
(b) If needed, support "multiple folder selection" in both "drag/drop event handler of Folder Pane" and "Folder copy/move code".
IIRC, (a) is already requested in a bug or some bugs.
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