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Once I have some simulators installed, the "extra components" screen is unreachable


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So if I want to add more simulators, how would I do that?

Suggestion: keep that option always visible maybe?
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> No option to install more simulators
> So if I want to add more simulators, how would I do that?
> Suggestion: keep that option always visible maybe?

There's actually a way to do that (install more simulators).

I let you search. I'm interested to understand why it's not obvious.
Oh we're playing games, eh? :-P

So I did search before:

1) googled it - it brought me to this Web IDE page
which doesn't tell/warn you that the option will disappear or how to add more simulators afterwards.

2) I looked at the menus in the Web IDE and I see:
- Project
- Runtime
- View

Since I want to add a new runtime, I click on "Runtime" and I get
- Screenshot
- Permissions table
- Runtime info
- Disconnect

This looks particular to this very runtime (evidenced by the fact that if there is no connected runtime, the options are greyed out). So out of desperation I click on "Runtime info" and obviously find nothing that tells me how to add more runtimes.

3) Now that you told me to search more I clicked on the other non evident options and I found TWO ways of managing simulators - none of which make sense to me where they are:
- Project - Preferences - Manage simulators (why would I want to manage simulators which is a global thing under preferences for a single project?)
- View - Manage simulators (why is this here? what does it show me to "View"?)

My reasoning is that you don't want to surprise users. I am probably not going to remember that there are two ways of installing simulators because they're in non-obvious places, but I do remember that I installed the first simulators using an option that was where the rest of installed simulators are, so I expect to find that option there so I can add / manage them in the future. Don't take my options away! :D
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that is exactly what I expected to find :)
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"Install Simulator" option is now available in "Select Runtime" menu using latest Aurora 34.0a2 - 20141006004057.
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