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Can't login to server if user name has different domain name than server


(Thunderbird :: Account Manager, defect)

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Steps to reproduce:

After upgrading to thunderbird 31, one account doesn't properly logon to server anymore. 

Actual results:

Server is and username is ***
When trying to connect, thunderbird adds after username, which becomes ***

Expected results:

Thunderbird sends proper username, as is entered in the settings: *** without adding

Strangely, this does not happen with and ***
That is interesting. I think I've seen a report like this already but do not understand why it would happen. May the IMAP server password for such username?
I mean "May the IMAP server ask the password for such username?".
(In reply to :aceman from comment #2)
> I mean "May the IMAP server ask the password for such username?".
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There still must be a bug in Thunderbirds internal handling of user names and passwords.
I have a server "" with an e-mail account "" and a username "myname" (so the username is not "me", and the serverdomain is not mydomain). When I create the account, I need to enter these things manually, of course. Everything works now.

Then I delete the password line of "myname" in the password settings. The account setings of TB still show the correct server "", but log of TB shows TB tries to connect to ""! And TB silently and totally mistakenly stores some servers error message as the new password!

So what is shown in the GUI is not what is used by TB. Too many occult AI, it seems. And I guess this non-transparent intelligenz is what is causing the problems at CIA TB.

See Also: → 986842
Blocks: 986842
See Also: 986842
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