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3 years ago
Funsize is a new project and has very little to no documentation at the moment.
Using this bug to add, track and get feedback on docs.

This bug can be closed once the first revisions of all docs deemed important are on

Comment 1

3 years ago
Adding first run of docs.

API description --
Contributor's guide --
TroubleShooting guide --

Feedback welcome
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Things look good overall, a few suggestions:
* API docs:
** "While the application is still generating the partial it will return an HTTP 202 response. Once done, the application will return an HTTP 200 response with the Partial in the response body." - This should go in the "Getting the partial" section. When only skimming, it looks like the 202 and 200 responses are potential responses to POSTs to /partial.
** "In case of failure in the process of generating the Partial, the service might abort the request and in such a case the client is informed of the same with an HTTP 500 response." - Does /partial return a 500, or /partial/<identifier>? I don't see how /partial could return one if there's a failure during generation, because it returns before the partial is generated. They both may validly return a 500, but this case you're describing sounds like it applies to /partial/<identifier>.

* Contributor's Guide
** I'd recommend just saying "Windows is not supported at all." I highly doubt you get all the software to run there, and I don't think it's worth anyone's time to try.

Troubleshooting looks fine, I guess. We're going to want to revise that when it's a production system. Ie, we probably won't want to do things like "truncate the entire database".
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Comment 3

3 years ago
Hal anted to take a look at these.
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Yes, Hal wanted to, but hasn't had the time :(

At this point, :mtabara would be a better judge of any needed changes. Passing the buck to him.
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After a meeting with ffledgling we've decided the following. We will update the documentation in the following two weeks at the these locations:


To avoid confusions we're gonna migrate the content from there too. (historical reasons)
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
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