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Typing a long message or contact-name in SMS app will push the "send" / "add contact" buttons offscreen


(Firefox OS Graveyard :: Gaia::SMS, defect)

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 1. Open SMS app
 2. Tap the "new message" icon near upper-right
 3. Type "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." [etc] until you overflow the available horizontal space

ACTUAL RESULTS: The "+" / "Send" button at the right of the field is pushed offscreen.

This is likely due to bug 984711 / bug 1037177 establishing a minimum size for flex items, based (in part) on the item's min-content size.

We can override it by using "min-width:0" in the right place (on the flex item that contains these text fields).

(Alternately, setting a "max-width" or "width" would also work, as would putting "overflow-x: scroll", per -- but those changes would all be more likely to affect the layout in other ways.)

Discovered when trying to repro bug 1042887 in up-to-date gaia with latest b2g desktop build from
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This patch fixes the issue (in both the contact box and the message-body box), though it's a bit heavy-handed (targeting all elements).

Really this should just be on 2 specific CSS rules, probably. (I just don't know which exact 2 yet.)
We can probably handle it along with bug 1042887. The SMS team can take it from here if you want!
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Sounds good to me! Let me know if you need any more from me here.
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Actually, with the method in bug 1042887 comment 13, I was able to quickly track down the flex items that need "min-width:0" using firefox's devtools, so I'll go ahead and take this.

Pull request:
Assignee: nobody → dholbert
Attachment #8461917 - Flags: review?(azasypkin)
See Also: → 1042887
Comment on attachment 8461917 [details] [review]
pull request

r=me with a one more "min-width: 0;" for the message body (commented on GitHub).

Attachment #8461917 - Flags: review?(azasypkin) → review+
Updated the pull request with that change. Thanks!
Since it's r+, feel free to merge yourself Daniel! Or set checkin-needed if you don't have the rights, when you're ready :)
Thanks! I don't believe I have merge rights for mozilla's github projects (or if I do, I wouldn't trust myself to use them properly, w/ my current git/github comfortability). :)

Hence, using checkin-needed.
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