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automate submission of h264 build data


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Updating the data in Balrog is the trickiest part of making new openh264 plugins available. It will get a little bit better once bug 1013354 is fixed, and we have properly implemented blobs, but copying a bunch of checksums and filesizes by hand is always prone to human error, so we should automate this.

It's a bit tricky, because we don't necessarily know what the URLs will look like until Cisco rehosts the files. If we could get a guarantee about what the final URLs will be (ie, maybe they're in a specific directory with the existing filename), we could probably do this submission at build time in the Mozharness script. This would be the easiest option for us.

If that's not possible, then we'll need some sort of tool that we'll pass the final URLs to. It will collect the other data it needs (sha512sums, filesizes) from FTP, and then submit the data.
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