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CompositableHost::AddMaskEffect should unlock the texture in case of failure


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If the TextureHost is locked but doesn't return a TextureSource (which is unlikely but nothing proves that it can't happen), we return without unlocking the TextureHost. It's important to always unlock locked textures to avoid getting into a weird state in the next frame.
This isn't likely to bite us but let's fix it now that I noticed it otherwise it'll be harder to debug if it happens some day.
As a second step we should go further and ensure that if lock succeeds, there will always be a valid TextureSource. It might already be implicitly the case, or very close to it so it's probably mostly about adding some assertions and documenting the API.
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There will be followups, but with that we can already catch most of the failure cases
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make warnings more explicit about what's going on and unlock the host if needed.

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I'm not sure I see a lot of value in this but it also can't hurt I suppose.
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Ensure that a locked TextureHost yields a valid TextureSource for some of the texture types and add some assertions

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In general I think this a good improvement.

::: gfx/layers/d3d9/TextureD3D9.cpp
@@ +836,5 @@
>  void
>  TextureHostD3D9::Updated(const nsIntRegion* aRegion)
>  {
> +  MOZ_ASSERT(mTexture);

We should still have an early return here in addition to the assertion.
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One of the patches requires the TextureHost to have a Compositor in order to Lock() successfully, which is a valid assumption but TestTextures.cpp tries to test the texture class in isolation so it had to be fixed (in the test).
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