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3 years ago
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3 years ago
Hi Vietnamese team,

Due to a pilot program being performed for your locale, we are accepting the latest changeset into Firefox 32. I'm filing this bug still, however, to note that even though we're accepting the sign-off, the Vietnamese locale needs a lot of work. The previous sign-off was for Firefox 24. Being that this is 8 releases behind, the Vietnamese locale now contains a large percentage of untranslated strings, and even a few warnings, as is noted in the dashboards. 

We have certainly spoken before about ways to reactivate and find new localizers. In the mean time, however, those who are core members of the team need to commit to keeping the locale up-to-date. If there are any blockers to that, I'm very happy to discuss them and help you brainstorm ways to fix them. Please get in touch with me if that's the case.

Thank you,

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3 years ago
Also, there are a few things in particular about the update we took, https://l10n.mozilla.org/source/diff/?from=e5e5cef6c0ee&to=b0da05539c22&repo=releases%2Fl10n%2Fmozilla-beta%2Fvi

Some strings got untranslated, I suspect they're fuzzy, so that they need a review.

Also, some strings got accesskey content like (a) added, please consult with the site admins on how to avoid that, and in general, that should never be the case. We have no such accesskeys on mac, so you'd just end up with useless content in the UI.
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