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4 years ago
Was pinged in a twitter conversation where a couple of educators were asking for the ability to give feedback on specific resources. Do we have a plan to allow communication between makers or annotation to makes?

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4 years ago
Also @hyper_linda - if you're reading this, feel free to tell us which resource needs a fix, and we'll see what we can do!

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4 years ago
I've seen Linda's tweet ( and I really like her original idea, which is closer to integrating git features into Webmaker.

What I would personally love to see is something like allowing users connect their make/tutorial/teaching kit/activity to a Github repo -- that way most of the heavy lifting would be done by Github (commenting, opening issues, etc) and Webmaker would basically only have to allow push-to-deploy web hooks.

I'm sure this wouldn't be the easiest thing to set up for all the users, but it's worth considering this as a feature for the next big release:

* git is a very popular tool and Github is a popular website; both are used by professionals and hobbyists, so learning git itself would be very valuable
* as I said -- features like commenting, issue tracking, contributing with new code would all be handled by Github, so we'd basically get tons of new features while only building one (connecting makes to Github repos)
* related to the point above, this would also take care of backups
* I think this would attract quite a few "geekier" users (well, Linda pretty much serves as an example)
* as a side-note: I myself work on my tutorials/teaching activities locally and only when I'm done/close to being done I actually upload/save the code in Thimble; I think it would be interesting to see what workflow other people use and how git/Github would fit into it (for example, for me it would be perfect, as I would still work locally and then just push the updates)


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