Rendering of heavy graphic websites seems slower than Internet Explorer 10




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Steps to reproduce:

This seems more like an optimization than a Bug thing.

I had notice for quite some time now that IE10 is incredible fast and responsive on the rendering level, this  is specially true on heavy graphic websites.

I'm a website designer and I can easily show this problem if I use a lot of border-radius with text-shadow and box-shadow properties in CSS3, this combined with moving sliders will slow down the rendering quite a lot.

This same website rendered in IE10 feels smooth.  Our gaming network website is a simple example of this.

Actual results:

Invoking the responsive design in this heavy shadow/pictures/sliders website will show quite easily what i'm talking about.  Firefox will slow down the redraw and feel slugish (chrome does it even worse) but IE10 do it incredible smooth.

Expected results:

IE10 do the rendering the right way, either by implementing Hardware Acceleration in a proper way or by using some GPU acceleration where Firefox does not.

Firefox should mimic IE10 behavior in this matter, since websites will get incresingly complex and this will only make matters worse.


3 years ago
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3 years ago
Can you post the graphics section of about:support here? HWA depends on your system as well as the Firefox configuration...
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