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Affiliates Megaphone Shield Instances

Hey All,

We would like the 'megaphone+shield' to be removed from the Firefox Affiliates logo (leaving only the 'Firefox Affiliates' text).

I'm not sure if this is enough of a graphic change to file a creative bug - Jslater, could you advise on this?

mkelly, could we find every instance of this logo on the site and replace it with a version that doesn't include the megaphone+shield? (See the attachments for some of the places that we found the logo appearing not on the homepage)

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4 years ago
Jessica & Eli - thanks for filing! I'm honestly not sure whether a new bug is needed or not. I would guess maybe not (mkelly would know, since he's implementing), but if a new asset is needed then it wouldn't be hard to create one.

Just let me know. My hope is that this work is very low-impact on everyone. Thanks!

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4 years ago
Cool - agreed. Let's see what mkelly says.
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We don't need creative involvement to remove the shield; that's an easy enough level of image editing.

What I'm more concerned with is the reasoning behind removing the shield. We purposefully worked on adding a visual element to the site's logo, as places like the favicon (which is not yet set to the shield for "I guess we just forgot to" reasons :P) or the logo shown in the Persona popup (which limits the image to 100x100 or so) don't really work with a wordmark only. We also found it helped with places like the default avatar for users on the leaderboard.

How does having the logo hurt us?
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Hey Mike: 

John Slater can speak to the reason why a bit better than I can but basically what I gathered was that a new logo was created for a MoFo program that also uses a megaphone and we don't want there to be confusion between the programs and when John and Mary Ellen asked me last Thursday, if taking it off our site would detrimental my initial response was no, because it's only been there for a short time and hasn't really been used on comms materials or anything really aside from the places you mentioned where it lives on the site and the one newsletter that went out introducing the 2.0 changes.

I don't think we need to be married to the megaphone especially if our brand team sees it being more useful in the MoFo program but I do like your insights, mkelly, about the UX problems that having the logo solved so does this maybe leave us in a place where we consider a new logo for Affiliates? 

John, what do you think? If we could keep our logo that would be great but I understand that Mary Ellen sees it being more useful for the MoFo program so then what do you think about us exploring another logo for Affiliates? 

Thanks all!

- Jess
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4 years ago
Hi all. Sorry for the slow reply - was on PTO until recently.

Yes, Jessica's explanation in comment #4 basically covers it. I should have caught this sooner, but we realized that the new Advocacy logo is very similar to the Affiliates megaphone, and that it would probably be better used in the Advocacy context.

Generally speaking I think we should be doing fewer logos rather than more, especially for projects that sit under a flagship brand like Firefox, but I certainly don't want to do anything that breaks the interface or creates a bad user experience. 

As a thought starter, would it be possible to use the Firefox logo for the favicon, default icon, etc? Seems like that would work well as a visual metaphor.
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3 years ago
All work on Firefox Affiliates is on hold as the Affiliates program is slated to be phased out in 2014.
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