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[v2.1] Feature Proposal: Contact Actions Screen Revamp



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4 years ago
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(Reporter: Brett Edmond Carlock, Unassigned)



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4 years ago
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I think the current Contact actions screen is sorely lacking in functionality and style.

You have a full-size screen to present the user with two small text bars grouped at the bottom near the cancel button. This not only feels empty, it is also not terribly nice to use in a quick manner.

I propose that this screen get divided into four large tiles, with each tile representing an action that can be taken with the contact.

The two primary actions (as they have been) will be Call and Contact Info. The two new additional actions I'd like to take are Email and Remind.

Email would call up the Email app ready to compose to that user, and the Remind button would call up the Calendar ready to make a reminder for the user.

I've attached a simple/preliminary mock-up of how this could work.
Note that the "call" action will soon have its icon directly in the header (bug 1048717).

I don't follow you for the Calendar action. A reminder for what?

About email: currently, the UX is "go to contact card, then email", which makes sense IMO. But maybe this is something users do a lot and then it would make sense to have a shortcut, but this would need further user study.

The "2 small text bars" are part of what we call the "building blocks"; the goal is to have a consistent look&feel accross the OS. I agree they look somewhat sad for now but if we want to make it better, it should be OS-wide.

Jenny, what's your idea about this?
Fang, do you know if this building block will be refreshed?
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Comment 2

4 years ago
Have you used webOS or Windows Phone 8.1? If not, I think that should be addressed, as both platforms have some pretty shining examples of great UI/UX (which FFXOS and every other mobile platform currently borrows here and there).

As for the call Icon being in the header, I could go either way. If that is the case, that just gives my design more room for another Action Tile :P

That UX for Email makes sense, but that is also rather drawn out, isn't it? Having this Actions panel with a bunch of "Quick Actions" makes sense to me to shortcut things. If you're already interfacing with the person, why force the user to jump to contacts, scroll, tap email, and then compose? Why not have a list of "smart" Shortcuts for the user to use whenever they are interacting with a person? [Ideally, this Contact Action Screen would be triggerable from Email, Messages, Phone, etc as a system-wide convention]

The Remind action I was thinking of would be long the lines of what webOS pioneered, and WP8.1 took to a deeper level with Cortana.

Basically, the Remind action would set a reminder where the next time you were called by, or called that person, the phone would pop over a screen saying "Reminder: blah blah blah blah".

For the sake of what I posted above, since we have no digital assistant and no existing Reminder dialog, I figured that instead using the existing Calendar actions might serve better as an easy way to get a v0.1 of this feature in for testing.

So basically, you'd tap Remind, record an event in the Calendar, and the calendar event would trigger whenever. Ideally, we'd add a Remind event type into the Calendar that can be triggered by calls/texts to really make this feature useful. I know I would use this incredibly often as I'm about as scatter-brained as they come.

I understand the building block approach. I also think the action tiles above could be a nice surrogate for those as they're more finger friendly, and they IMO look nicer than tightly stacked text bars. As an added bonus, having the large tiles like that in a predictable location makes it possible for the Contacts Action screen to be used "blind" quite easily, which is something that makes me want to spike this phone into the ground in frustration when coming from a dumbphone that I could literally do nearly every task without looking at.

Comment 3

4 years ago
Edit: Calls/Texts/Emails for Remind Event Type, not just Calls/Texts


4 years ago
Depends on: 1048980

Comment 4

4 years ago
Hi Brett,
I agree with Julien that we need further user study to confirm if adding a bunch of shortcuts to the contact menu is useful (not just email, but also other actions you mentioned). Right now I'm not too sure if it's right to put the options here.

Also, the problem with tiles is that 1) we don't always get even number of actions, so ex. when there's only 3 tiles, it will look unbalanced 2) it's unlikely to fit in long description like "add to an existing contact" to one line half the screen width and 3) it's not easy for user to know what to expect seeing the app icons with the app name (except for the view contact one).  

From what I know, the style for action menu will be refreshed at some point. So it will surely look better :)

ni Wilfred to see if this is something we want to do. Thanks Wilfred!
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Comment 5

4 years ago
Hey Jenny,

All I know is that I'd find it useful. I'd also find this screen useful if it was available anywhere you interact with a contact (Contacts, Email, Phone, Messages) as a standard/system-wide dialog box you can pull up. But yes, I understand that user study is necessary to determine if time needs to be taken to develop this functionality.

1) Agree. However, the point of the large quadrant tiles was to make the screen easy to use quickly as possible as the text bars feel "cramped".
2) Agree.
3) Disagree. The icons are self-evident, otherwise why would UI team make them? They communicate a specific idea. Clarification can be provided in the text bar to supplement the icon.

What about making the Contact Actions Screen more along the lines of the Insert from... Dialog screen? Keep the text bars, but add the system icons aligned left on the text bars?

It'd not establish any new UI convention, and in fact, would fall closer in line to the existing convention established by the Insert From... dialog.

Comment 6

4 years ago
Created attachment 8470122 [details]

This is my proposed new Contacts Action Screen, but done more along the UI style established in the Insert From... system dialog screen.
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