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overflow:hidden element overlaps floating element when placed at the top of the container


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Steps to reproduce:

This example does work on all browsers but Firefox.

Actual results:

The :before pseudo-element does not break, but the floating element overlaps with the :before element.

Expected results:

The :before pseudo-element should break if a floating element starts overlapping. A real element with the same CSS-rules does that.
Work as expected in current Nightly, compared with Safari and Chrome.
Are you able to reproduce with a new profile? You may add a screenshot what it looks like on your system.
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Here is a better example, that does not work as expected for me:

It works in Chrome, though.
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Attached image Chrome does
Does the third example work for you?
Component: General → Layout: Floats
Yes, the third example does work for me, but I can't really see the difference to my fiddle-example.
That's what confused me. I tried this "trick" on my homepage and it didn't work and since it worked in Chrome I thought it had to be a Firefox/Gecko bug.
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It's the "overflow: hidden" that causes the problem, not :before.
Also, adding a border-top so that the "overflow: hidden" block
isn't at the very top of the container seems to fix it.
Bug 290146 comment 5 makes me think this is the same underlying problem.
Closed: 6 years ago
Keywords: testcase
OS: Windows 7 → All
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Summary: :before pseudo-element won't break on floating elements → overflow:hidden element overlaps floating element when placed at the top of the container
Duplicate of bug: 290146
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