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I noticed that my bookmarks were not propagating correctly between my different devices so I deleted my current Firefox account and created a new one on my main machine (the one that had the bookmarks I wanted to propagate) and logged into this account from fresh profiles on my other devices.  Unfortunately, the bookmarks don't seem to propagate at all.

For reference, my account is luke@mozilla.com, I created the FF account on desktop linux and signed in to this account from FF Android and FF OSX.  On FF Android, when I sync, the "Destkop Bookmarks" folder contains only the default bookmarks you get for a new profile.
This may have been due to an old profile issue: when I created a new profile and manually copy/pasted over the bookmarks, creating a new FF account did propagate these bookmarks to all the connected devices.  I'll close WFM now, but I have the old profile lying around in case anyone wants to look at it.
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