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17 years ago
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(Reporter: Chris P. Ross, Assigned: blizzard)


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17 years ago
There appears to be some problem with widgets in the mail/news front-end
window.  Most notably, the scrollbars on the far right (for the headers,
and the message text), and the mozilla logo don't display right.  The
place where there should be the throbbing mozilla icon, there's just a grey
box who's right edge flickers sometimes when the icon would normally be
throbbing.  And somewhere between none and most of the scrollbars for those
two area of the window are not visible.  If I grab where they should be,
and move them, they seem to function.  But, they don't display right.

Oops.  It looks like it's not a mail/news problem.  It happens in my browser
windows as well, if I make them wider.  The normal width of the browser
window (approx 840 pixels) doesn't ticle the bug, but up closer to 900, it
seems to be tickled.  The display of the scrollbar will screw up.

I will have to do s'more research to make sure it isn't just me, but 0.9.4
didn't have this problem, so I assume it's not.  I'll submit this bug
on that assumption.

I am using a build of Mozilla 0.9.5 (BuildID 2001101223) for BSD/OS 4.3,
compiled with the GTK widgets.

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17 years ago
I no longer see this problem.  I've changed X configurations slightly, and
it doesn't occur.  Therefore, I can no longer evaluate what may help the
problem, and am closing the bug WFM...
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