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Cannot edit meeting attendee list once invite created


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Lightning 3.3
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Steps to reproduce:

Create a meeting invite, add attendees. 
Don't sent the invite, just save it.
Go back to edit the list, you can add or delete in the editing window.
Delete an attendee and save

Actual results:

Even though no invite was sent, you cannot remove them from the list, their name comes back after you re-save the invite. In fact it doesn't seem possible to delete anyone, once added.

Expected results:

Attendee should have been deleted
I don't see this here with Thunderbird 31/Lightning 3.3. What OS and which version of Thunderbird and Lightning do you use? Do you see anything in the error console when trying to reproduce?
Lightning 3.3/TB31/win7 x64 and winxp. 

There is no delete option, so you select the invitee email address in the "invite attendees" dialog and backspace to delete. That's not enough to delete the invitee. You have to backspace again to get rid of the little person icon. But it seems one cannot always backspace a second time to get rid of that icon. I can't identify the exact sequence / pre-requisites, but it's definitely sometimes not possible to delete the icon with backspace (or delete) however many times you try.  When you save and re-edit, the email is still there.
I can confirm this bug, I reported it when I tested the patch for the bug about autocomplete of attendees, see bug 1007040 comment 17.

To see the bug you have to modify an attendee of an event previously created. When closing the Attendee Dialog with the OK button, the attendee just edited is not stored, the old one is displayed in the Edit Dialog.

I think the bug has arrived with the first versions of Lightning 3.3a2, around the thirtieth of April, those builds have a problem in the attendee dialog (in the input texbox appears the word "null" and the event is not correctly saved). 
The first version with the attendee dialog fully working is the 3.3a2 build 20140506 which is affected by this bug.
This patch takes care, so that you can delete attendees including the last one. After a deletion the cursor is set according to the direction of deletion

While investigating into this bug, I also encountered another issue with the focus in attendee list - see bug 1051572.
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As per comment #3, I suggest to have this in Ligntning 3.3.1.
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Target Milestone: --- → 3.3.1
Pushing so this can get picked up by the release builds:

This patch will not be in 3.4, but given its not a major release and the cycle is long gone, I'm not going to fix it there.
Closed: 5 years ago
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