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[Baloo] [QA] Schema update to include One and Done


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(Whiteboard: [Baloo][Q3])

We need to amend Baloo schema to handle One and Done specific data

What fields should we add?
Whiteboard: [Baloo][Q3]
email: should be clear
date/time: may need conversion, but we do have timestamps
canonical: the url is built with the task ID. 
source: one_and_done, or if you prefer something shorter how about oad. 
type:  task-finished
version: 0.1 

Extra fields: 

* team
* project
* id (Task ID)
* difficulty_level

Pierros is that enough to go on? I'll make you a "conversion point" chart in the wiki as soon as the wiki is editable again. 

Do you need admin access to One and Done? You can talk with me or with Rebecca or, for access to this on production, to Bob Silverberg.
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Liz, schema suggestions look great. I added them on the Schema:
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Pierros, awesome! What is the next step to get this into Baloo? Do we need to file a new bug?
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The bugs have been filled Liz, and we are waiting for BI to work on those. Stay tuned!
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Can you cc me on those bugs? Thanks!
Pierros, Sheeri, any progress here? I still don't know what the related bugs are, but I'd love to know if this is going to be in by the end of Q3. Thanks!
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Liz - right now the priorities are:


In that order. We are getting to about one aggregation point per week, so I anticipate that it will be done by the end of Q3 or in the first week of Q4.

I don't see the specific bugs Pierros is referring to; if he made bugs I'm not cc'd on them.
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