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Yandex Elements add-on doesn't revert safe browsing (and other) prefs on uninstall


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I installed this from

It prompts to change the search engine and homepage on install. It doesn't violate any policies here, but on uninstall, it does not revert the changes.

More pressing, though, is that it changes safe browsing preferences without prompting, and does not revert those changes on uninstall. The changes also result in breakage, as in bug 1048996.

I'm trying to get in touch with Yandex.
Did you manage to contact them?
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(In reply to Dave Garrett from comment #2)
> It's also highly correlated with startup hangs:
> performance-bottlenecks/

It also seems to impact shutdown timings:
We had a brief discussion about it, but the new performance issues make this a more serious problem. I'm bringing this discussion up again.
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The upcoming release 8.7.1 reverts the safe browsing pref on uninstall, other prefs will be fixed in the next release.  I've created bug 1094618 for the performance issues to separate that from the safe browsing pref issue.
Summary: Blocklist Yandex Elements add-on → Yandex Elements add-on doesn't revert safe browsing (and other) prefs on uninstall
Depends on: 1094596
Just landed the latest repack in partner builds in bug 1094596, do to the large size of the patch it is only a cursory review.  I've verified that the safe browsing pref is reverted on uninstall with this version (Yandex Elements 8.7.1). still has 8.7.0, I expect that will be updated for fx34.
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This is a blocklisting bug, so it's not FIXED as it's not blocklisted. Moving to TE instead.
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Component: Add-ons → General
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