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The git hub connection page says that MDN is asking for "personal user data" which is kind of intimidating. I'm wondering if we can soften this blow some how? Does the API allow us to explain what it will be used for? Can the "visit this application's website" be a page explaining the benefits of an MDN account or does that always go to the application's home page?
:shobson We can certainly change the link (:groovecoder can, I don't have the Github perms) to link to a explanatory MDN page.

We can't send other data with the Github auth request.
Right, we can't customize the GitHub permission messages.

I just verified we *can* customize the "Visit this application's website" to a doc.

I propose we create a GitHub application doc - probably arounnd the https://developer-local.allizom.org/docs/MDN/Contribute/Howto/Create_an_MDN_account page - and point our application link at it.

If that sounds good, who should write the special page? :)
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> I propose we create a GitHub application doc - probably arounnd the
> https://developer-local.allizom.org/docs/MDN/Contribute/Howto/
> Create_an_MDN_account page - and point our application link at it.

Sounds good to me. 

> If that sounds good, who should write the special page? 

:sheppy can write this.
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:sheppy - do you feel like you know enough about the GitHub auth experience to explain it in a special doc page for it?
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I... am not sure. It would be easier if someone else wrote down at least the bullet points and then I massaged it into something human-readable. :)

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I think we just want to update the "How to create an MDN account" account page and link to that.

This needs massaging but it's a starting place for :sheppy

=How to Create a MDN Profile

Join the MDN to help make it better. With an MDN profile you can edit docs and submit demos.

==Why do we need your email address?

Your email address will be used for account recovery and you can sign up for additional notifications (for example:  you can subscribe to be notified if a doc is updated) and messages (for example: if you become a beta tester we will email you about new features).

This address will not be displayed on MDN and will be used according to our _privacy policy_. 

==Step by step
1. In the header of the site there is a button labeled "Sign in with" tapping or hovering over it will display the list of services you can use to sign in to MDN
2. Choose a service to sign in with.
	- Services other than Persona will be displayed publicly on your profile
3. Follow that service's prompts to connect your account.
4. Once you return to MDN it will prompt you for a username and email address.
	- Your username will be displayed publicly to identify the work you've done. New usernames can't contain spaces or the "@" character.
	- Your email address will be used for account recover and if you sign up for additional notifications and messages.
5. When you've chosen a username and email address click the "Create my MDN profile" button
6. If you chose to provide an unconfirmed email address in step 4:
	-check your email and follow the link
7. Congrats, you're in.
8. Click on your name to see your public profile.
9. _Link to next step/getting started_
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Updated https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/MDN/Contribute/Howto/Create_an_MDN_account
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