Attendee Dialog: Focus mismatch when moving in attendee list



4 years ago
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Lightning 3.3


(Whiteboard: [invite attendees dialog])



4 years ago
If you move through the attendee list in attendee dialog, the field, which has the cursor may differ from the highlighted one. I guess this is related to the special treatment for the (disabled) organizer entry - it cannot get the cursor but gets highlighted.

1. Create an event with some attendees
2. close and reopen the event dialog
3. open attendee dialog
4. press arrow down and up serveral times

another thing, I observed: you can genarte endlessly new rows by continously pressing the arrow down or tab key. This should be limited to one row without an entry. While this can be limited easily for the arrow down case inside the handler, the same approach for tab wouldn't work.


4 years ago
Whiteboard: [invite attendees dialog]


2 years ago
Whiteboard: [invite attendees dialog] → [invite attendees dialog][good first bug]
I am new to Calendar and i would like to fix this.
Would you guide me to the files,code etc where i need to make changes.
Thanks :D
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Hi Pavan,

I'm not quite sure what it takes to fix this bug, but MakeMyDay seems to have a good idea and can help you with the details. If you want to set up a development environment, I'd suggest to look at You can use for code search. The most important modifier is path:foo which searches for filenames including foo. For example, you can find the attendee dialog by searching for "path:attendee" and checking the files in the calendar/ directory.

You can find me on in #calendar if you have questions, my nickname is Fallen.
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Whiteboard: [invite attendees dialog][good first bug] → [invite attendees dialog]

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2 years ago
In [1] where using setFocus at several places. It seems we're not setting the focus on the correct node in all cases. Following the STR, you may end up in a situation where the backgroundcolor highlighting is not applied to the the field where the cursor is.

When trying to reproduce, make sure you have an email identity assigned to the calendar (in the respective calendar properties in calendar view) wherein you are creating the event.

To dig into the issue, you should start with understanding how the code in the mentioned file is working.

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I am sorry , Im busy with other bugs , I could work on this bug no more. :?
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