Lightning doesn't remember Google Calendar credentials



4 years ago
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Lightning 3.3




4 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open Thunderbird after a fresh start of Windows or a resume from hibernate state (S4).
2. Go to Lightning and trigger synchronization of all calendars manually (right click > Sync calendars in the list of calendards)
OR wait for some time so Lightning triggers the synchronization of its calendards automatically

Actual results:

Every 1-2 days the Google credential window pops up asking for my credentials and access to my calendards - even though I already entered them 1-2 days befor

Expected results:

Credentials and calendar access should have been remembered by Lightning from the previous sessions.

Prior to Lightning 3.3 I only had to _confirm_ the access every 1-2 days (= I didnt need to enter the credentials too). Now with 3.3, I have to enter the credentials AND grant access. So the solution in Bug #1000535 actually made it worse.

My setup:
* Thunderbird 31.0 running on Windows 7 SP1 32bit with the latest Lightning (3.3)
* I have 2 Google calenders included in Lightning. Both set up as CalDav, caching disabled. The URLs I used are like "".
* I don't use (and never did) that "Provider for Google Calendar" add-on
* Add-ons enabled in TB: Google Contacts 0.7.12, Lightning 3.3, Minimze on Start and Close 1.3.2
* Don't know whether it's important, but I usually do not shut down Windows but rather send it to Hibernate (S4).
* TB's error console doesnt show any errors, just a few warnings about getAttributeNodeNS being deprecated.

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> Duplicate?

Not of anything I've seen (which isn't much, I admit). Given the time that has passed and the number of changes that have happened to the Google auth process, can you still reproduce this, reporter?
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reporter seems to be gone
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