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(Reporter: Casper van Donderen (Telenor), Unassigned)


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Steps to reproduce:

When using a customization repo that was used to preload apps on v1.4 with v2.0/master the preloaded apps do not get copied to the system image file during the build process, which means they do not get installed to the device.

Steps used:
- BRANCH=v1.4 ./ flame (with GAIA_DISTRIBUTION_DIR set)
- build and flash device. The preloaded apps are added to the device
- rm -fr out/ objdir-gecko/
- BRANCH=v2.0 ./ flame (with GAIA_DISTRIBUTION_DIR set)
- build and flash device. The preloaded apps are not added to the device.

I have tried adding the apps to the B2G/gaia folder myself, but then they still do not get copied to the out/ folder and image.

The guide at mentions that default-homescreens.json is used for the vertical homescreen in v2.0 and later, but when I rename homescreens.json to default-homescreens.json the order of the applications listed in that file does not get applied. (homescreens.json does get parsed and the order in that file gets used in both v1.4 and v2.0)

(Tested on Flame with both 2.0 and master)

Actual results:

I can see that the optimization step does not get run for the apps in GAIA_DISTRIBUTION_DIR/external-apps and the apps are not added to the image.

Expected results:

I was expecting the behavior of v1.4 to still work. Maybe something has changed with the merge of ? I cannot easily figure out from that commit if the behavior has changed and what the new way to preload apps is.


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Casper, it looks well on my side, attachment is an example, please uncompress it, connect device and use |GAIA_DISTRIBUTION_DIR=<DIST_DIR> make reset-gaia|

accroding apps.list configration, you will have all core apps + twitter app in your device.
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4 years ago
Ah, I see. It is mandatory in v2.0 and later to have the apps.list file, that was not there for v1.4. Then the documentation for the apps.list file is a bit confusing. See

Comment 3

4 years ago
One thing I am seeing is that the marketplace does not get added if I specify external-apps/* in my apps.list
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